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  • HOUAGI Luggage Sets 2 Piece,20

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    HOUAGI Instructions for Reset the combination lock
    1. The lock is Pre set to 0-0-0.
    2. Push the button on the broadside, while in this position, set each number to your preference.
    3. Release the button and your combination is now set.
    4. Take care when setting the numbers to not release the button while setting it.
    Easy Travel:Eight silent universal runners with top and side ergonomic handles.Hooks on the side make it easy to carry small packages.Scimitar-shaped zipper head for quick opening of suitcase.
    Practical Interior:Separate box design,zipper mesh bag can make items neatly arranged,thickened gray lining sponge to make fragile items more secure.
    Safe and Reliable:High-strength ABS material increases the overall elasticity while having a high-strength shell.The large area texture design minimizes friction during inspection.
    Built-in TSA Code Lock:For international travel security,it comes with an anti-theft code lock that complies with the regulations of most domestic and international airlines.