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  • Milliard Bed Bumper (1 Pack, T

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    Safe + Secure for All Ages | We’ve got you covered!

    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall because he had no bed bumper to protect him at all… The Milliard Bed Bumper is the ideal transitioning tool for graduating your toddler from crib to bed. If a child gets too close to the edge of the bed the bumper serves as a ‘passive safety’ reminder to return to the center of the bed. We designed our bumper with firm foam so that it is difficult for a child to roll over it, yet still soft to the touch and easy to purposefully climb over. The bumper will give your child the sense of security needed for a good night’s sleep.


    Easy Care

    Our cover is removable and machine washable.

    ​A waterproof backing lines the cover to keep the foam damage free which is oh-so essential at the toilet training age.

    Super Soft Surface

    The cover is made of a super soft fabric.

    Non-slip bottom to keep the bumper securely in place.

    Great for All Ages

    The bed bumper is great for adults too. Protect your baby while co-sleeping, divide a bed for two, keep active adult sleepers in their place, use it for seniors’ safety or simply as a pillow prop.

    Unlike a bed rail, the bumper allows a parent to join the child in bed during bedtime.

    Simple Setup

    ​Traditional bed rails are a pain to install but the bumper is easily placed under your fitted sheet.

    When used on an standard bed the bumper leaves space for your child to climb around and not over it – the bumper fits the length of a toddler bed as well!

    Size: 40x7x4.5″

    Bedtime Watchdog

    Traditional bed rails can have a space between the mattress and rail leaving an unsafe condition. With the bed bumper underneath the fitted sheet, your child won’t slip between the cracks. A foam bumper will never deflate without notice and there’s no small parts to worry about. Our bed bumper was lab tested for safety and conformity to federal regulations for portable bed rails to ensure your child’s well being. The quintessential guardian of bedtime.

    Bedrail vs. Bed Bumper:

    Safer, eliminates entrapment issueEasier to installMore portable for travelBetter for bedtimeMore aesthetic

    Travel style bumper folds in half and secures closed with the tab on top, transporting easily with included carry handle.
    Perfect for transitioning from crib to big bed; works with any size bed from toddler to king
    Our super soft cover is natural and washable, yet still water resistant so the bumper can last you years to come
    So easy to install and ultra-light for travel. Features a non-slip bottom so you can rest assured that your child is safe and sound
    Our bed bumper conforms with all federal safety regulations including ASTM F2085-12 Safety Specification for Portable Bed Rails – Child may roll over the bumper, or push aside, and it is not intended to prevent falling out of the bed. Size: 40x7x4.5″