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    Toilet Seat Covers Paper Flush

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    Product Description

    Toilet seat coversToilet seat covers

    toilet seat covers disposabletoilet seat covers disposable


    100% Flushable

    Made from wood pulp.Relyo Toilet seat covers are easy to use.No. 1 Travel Accessory that you must carry with you at any time.

    pocket sizedpocket sized

    Pocket Sized

    4.5 x 3 inches packageIt will fit everywhereAlways have it with you when you need to use a public restroom

    public restroomspublic restrooms

    safety firstsafety first


    mini sizedmini sized

    toilet seat covers disposable flushabletoilet seat covers disposable flushable

    ✔️ FLUSHABLE – Just flush the toilet when finished and the Toilet seat cover will get sucked inside without having to touch it to dispose.
    ✔️ POCKET SIZED – folded just perfect into our portable packaging you can carry them in your pocket, purse or backpack when traveling or camping.
    ✔️ 100% BIODEGRADABLE AND THICKER – Made from thicker wood pulp our Toilet Seat Covers are the right product to protect the enviorment and yourself at the same time.
    ✔️ EASY TO USE – Pull one seat cover from the package, unfold and disconnect the joints, lay on seat and flush when ready.