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    GinzaTravel business series, P

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    rare colorrare color

    rare color

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    From chic designs to individual colors, you’ll always be the center of attention!

    champagne gold pale green black almond yellow star gray

    GinzaTravel rare color series

    Travel with magic

    GinzaTravel rare color series This travel case is extremely light and durable, made of PC material with good recovery. Able to absorb shock by bending under pressure and then springing back to its original shape, eliminating dents and dents while protecting its contents. The fully lined interior features crisscross shoulder straps and privacy curtains with zippered storage pockets.

    20 inch size = 22.4” x 14.2″ x 9.06″;7.2lbs;39L 24 inch size = 26.4″ x 17.5″ x 9.85″;7.89lbs;65L 28 inch size = 30.3″ x 19.9″ x 12″ ;10.43lbs;95L

    TSA customs combination lockTSA customs combination lock

    360 Spinner Smooth Wheels360 Spinner Smooth Wheels

    strong tie rodstrong tie rod

    TSA customs combination lock

    TSA locks ensure your belongings reach their destination safely. With its built-in combination lock, GINZAtravel is perfect to take with you wherever you go. Just go out and leave your belongings safe to us.

    360 Spinner Smooth Wheels

    We thought about a lot of details that our customers wanted, but the wheels were definitely the aspect we paid the most attention to. We are trying to make your trip more comfortable, so we have to make the wheels stronger and smoother. This series of suitcases adopts an 8-wheel design, which will make the travel more stable, and you don’t have to worry about the suitcase falling. All you need to do is push your suitcase, and the wheels do the rest. Whether you’re checking in for a flight or checking into a hotel, we’ll make your experience even better.

    strong tie rod

    During the journey, a high-quality trolley can give us a better travel experience. The trolley of this suitcase is made of aluminum, which is lighter and stronger. enjoy your trip friends

    About GinzatravelAbout Ginzatravel

    About Ginzatravel

    Ginza Travel is not only engaged in the business of manufacturing luggage, we are also gradually establishing a global synchronized after-sales business. We put customers’ needs first, and we put customers’ potential needs first in our research and development. We understand the local needs better, and we will provide every citizen with our well-designed suitcases, which originated from a young brand in 1991. Our vitality and enthusiasm will be reflected in the evaluation of every traveler. Our next products will focus more on protecting young people’s computers and electronic products. If you want to pay attention to our products, please pay attention to our authorized stores.


    Designer’s design ideas: The design idea for this suitcase came from a dinner in Manhattan in October 2010. The lights between high-rise buildings were like starlight and intoxicated me, so this business suitcase uses rare horizontal stripes, like that. One skyscraper after another. For this reason, I used PC material with better reflective performance in the material, which will have the effect of flickering lights under strong light.
    1. Size and capacity: Comply with aviation standards, including 20-inch carry-on, 24-inch, and 28-inch checked suitcases. The boxes are more suitable for short-distance travel, while the large boxes are suitable for long-distance travel or long business trips.
    2. Material: This business series suitcase is made of PC material. The material is non-toxic, odorless, wear-resistant, and environmentally friendly. It has a lighter and stronger hard shell; the matte texture technology on the surface can prevent scratches.
    3. Wheels and handles: We pay special attention to the quality of luggage wheels. In order to avoid the trouble caused by luggage wheel damage during travel, we use a strong and durable combination wheel, not only that we use a stronger pull rod to give you better control over it.
    4. Security performance: We use the internationally accepted TSA lock, which can check your luggage without damaging the lock (the original password is 0-0-0). You can freely set the luggage password (instructions are in the luggage compartment, Or you can contact us.
    5. GinzaTravel’s brand service: Our products have a five-year global warranty. If there is any problem with our products, you can contact our store email at any time. We will deal with your problem in the shortest time to ensure you have a good shopping experience.