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  • Baby Travel Pillow, Infant Hea

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    Material:PP Cotton
    Gender: Boys & Girl
    Product Size: 26x25x4cm/10.2x10x1.6inch
    Package included:
    1 x Baby Travel Pillow
    Travel Essentials:Excellent neck support and head support for sleepy babies, keeping them comfortable during rides and long journeys.
    Multiple Use:

    • Baby Seats
    • Car Seats
    • Strollers

    This baby travel pillow is made of soft PP cotton fabric, which is very soft and comfortable and good for baby’s head and neck.
    The U-shaped design provides the best support for your baby, helping to prevent your baby’s head from slumping during naps and providing maximum protection for your baby’s head and neck.
    The baby travel pillow is specially designed to be used perfectly in car seats, strollers, airplanes, etc., to support the baby’s head and neck in the ultimate comfort and reduce the impact of the baby.
    Machine washable material. This durable material is lightweight, easy to clean, dries quickly, and holds its shape well after repeated use and washing without shrinking or stretching.

  • Jitejoe Baby Travel Pillow, In

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    Product Description


    Uniquely shaped and unbelievably comfortable of the product, which can and should be used as long as it fits the child safely and securely.

    This neck support is sized perfectly for young travelers. It is easy to tote along for family trips, or quick jaunts. Fun and a great way to keep your child comfortable while traveling. When traveling is done, the neck support pillow is machine washable for easy clean up.

    It provides maximum protection for your child’s head and neck. Which helps prevent the sleepy baby’s head from slumping down or sideways on the car seat or pram. Neck Pillow has a Perfect use in car seats, strollers, Airplane’s and more, Protects the baby’s head releasing shaking when the baby on the stroller or car seat.


    Multiple Uses: Neck Pillow has a Perfect use in car seats, strollers, Airplane’s and more, Protects baby’s head releasing shaking when baby on the stroller or car seat .Product size: 13.8inch x 12.2inch.Weight: 250g.


    Human body design reasonable U-shape

    The U-shaped design can support the baby’s head in a large area, reasonably partition, and evenly distribute the pressure, prevent and improve the baby’s head shape, and let the baby naturally sleep in a good head shape.


    Featured Silk Floss

    Filled with high-quality polyester padding, fluffy and soft, with high resilience and not easy to deform.

    Material fabricComfortable And Safe Design

    Our Baby’s Neck Support Pillow is Design to Comfortably Support Sleepy Heads, This baby pillows for sleeping are made of soft fabric, 100% polyester padding, support your baby’s head and neck in ultimate comfortable.

    Easy to clean

    Head Support Pillow is Machine Washable and is Easily Cleaned, Full washable and machine washable, the whole pillow can be washed in the machine.


    Babies are particularly accustomed to sleeping with their heads tilted aside. When they are small, their skulls have not yet developed, and they are relatively soft. Therefore, they are particularly prone to skewed heads. This is very difficult to recover, and may even cause flat head syndrome. It has an impact throughout life.This adjustment pillow can keep the baby’s head shape growing evenly. The special design no matter the baby needs to turn left or right, the hollow design has enough space for the baby to adjust to a comfortable state as he sleeps. And even if the baby sleeps on its stomach, it will not hinder the child’s breathing.The soft support can protect the baby’s head. The special design industry will not press the baby’s ears, giving the baby a good feeling of safety. The shape of the heart is very beautiful, just like letting the baby sleep in the mother’s love.


    Universal size:

    U shaped design to best support the 0-4-year-old baby growth stages, it provides maximum protection for the child’s head and neck. Please refer to the size for the description.

    Common problem

    Is this pillow useful?

    Answer: We also have 20 years of product design experience both offline and in the industry. In addition, the clinical experience of doctors tells us that reasonable scientific design is particularly important to the development of babies. There are too many unreasonable designs in the market, which mislead a lot. Young, inexperienced mother.

    How to correct it?

    Answer: Correcting the head deviation is a major event that takes time! This is not something that can be solved in 1-2 days. In addition to using the right and appropriate pillows, it also needs the care of the family. If the baby sleeps with his head to one side for too long, Mom/Baby needs to turn his head over , So that the head will not be pressed to one side for a long time.

    Is it breathable? Babies often sweat/spit up milk.

    Answer: This pillow fabric is made of polyester padding and has good air permeability. Generally, it can be placed in a cool and ventilated manner.

    Does the baby not like to sleep/active?

    Answer: After clinical practice experience, the reason why babies don’t like pillows is because mothers bought uncomfortable pillows. There are problems in the product design, which makes the babies feel uncomfortable, and naturally they don’t like to sleep.

    [Multiple Uses] – Jitejoe baby neck pillow can be perfectly used in car seats, strollers, Airplane and so on, Protecting your baby’s head and buffing shock when the baby on the stroller or car seat.
    [Comfortable and Safe Design] – Our baby neck support pillow is designed to comfortably support sleepy head.These baby pillows for sleeping are made of soft fabric, and padding with100% polyester,supporting your baby’s head and neck in ultimate comfort.
    [Easy to clean] – Head support pillow is machine washable and easy to clean.You can choose hand washing or machine washing.The whole pillow can be washed in machine.Very convenient for busy moms.
    [Relieved Shopping] – 30 days return guarantee!We hope you are getting the best value possibly.We are committed to your satisfaction. We hope that you are happy with your purchase.Feel free to contact with us for any problem.