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    Yeahhome 30 Combo Space Saver

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    vacuum storage bagsvacuum storage bags

    Space saver bags expert

    The company has designed and produced vacuum storage bags for 4 years, focusing on product performance and quality.


    Yeahhome was established in October 2019.

    The brand focuses focuses on providing high-quality household products suitable for the people.

    Corporate vision:Make home more beautiful and make life warmer.

    vacuum storage bags

    vacuum storage bagvacuum storage bag

    Electric air pump+vacuum bags

    Our products are different from others’

    Ours(PA+PE): Strong toughness, sealing time up to 1 year, expensive.

    Others(PET+PE): brittle, sealing time of about 1 week, cheap.

    What are the advantages of our packaged products

    From a customer perspective, we hope to reduce your costs by combining various sizes, as well as giving away electric and manual pumps, to solve all storage issues in the home.

    How to use

    First, use an electric pump to pump to 95%, and then use a manual pump to pump to 100% to ensure a vacuum.

    Multiple sizes: The Yeahhome 30 Combo Space Saver Bags set includes 2 EXTRA LARGE: 43″ x 30″, 3 JUMBO: 39″ x 27″, 4 Large: 32″ x 24″, 5 Medium: 28″ x 20″, 6 Small: 24″ x 16″, 8 Roll Up Bags).
    Comes with manual and electric pumps: Both manual and electric pumps are included in this set, making the compression process flexible and convenient. Voltage: 120V, plug: American standard 2 flat plug
    High-quality compression bags: These transparent, thick plastic compression bags. can be reused, and save you money.
    Suitable for a variety of items: This compression bag is suitable for storing thick comforters, blankets, clothing, duvets, and pillows, and can save more storage space by using vacuum compression.
    Transparent and reusable: Made of high-quality, transparent plastic, these compression bags can be reused , making them an ideal choice for storing and moving items. Additionally, the transparency allows you to easily identify what’s inside each bag.