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  • Miami CarryOn RFID Protected W

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    Miami CarryOn Ocean Polycarbonate Suitcase with TSA LockMiami CarryOn Ocean Polycarbonate Suitcase with TSA Lock

    Experience Seamless Adventures

    with Miami CarryOn’s Gear that is stylish and functional, every adventure deserves a trustworthy companion to meet your unique needs.

    Why do we love what we do?

    because we get to craft exceptional travel gear that helps people explore the world with ease. We pour our hearts into every detail of our products, ensuring that every traveler has a trustworthy companion for their adventures.

    What makes our products unique?

    We believe that your travel gear should reflect your unique personality, which is why our products are available in a range of colors, materials, and sizesץ

    Where are we located?

    You guessed it, Miami! We take pride in our roots and are dedicated to creating exceptional products for you, our beloved awesome customer.

    Essentials for your next trip

    The RFID blocking passport holder is made from vegan PVC leather
    Block RFID signals so that your personal information cannot be accessed
    The wallet won’t damage your clothing or bag with its rounded corners

  • Premium Neck Wallet Travel Pou

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    ★ BAD DESIGNS, WEIRD POCKETS & POOR ACCESS MAKE phone holder travel accessories for women & men more a hassle than help. DESIGNED FOR YOUR SAFETY, OUR RFID wallet travel case was carefully crafted with you in mind, with a zippered front pocket with SLOTTED CREDIT CARD HOLDER and a NON-MESH MAIN COMPARTMENT DIVIDER FOR easy organizing so you can SWIFTLY TAKE THINGS IN & OUT during the day. ScanShield Radio Frequency Shield Lining BLOCKS SCANS, KEEPING YOU SAFE FROM ELECTRONIC THEIVES.
    ★ BEYOND JUST SAFETY, COMFORT & STYLE DURING TRAVEL IS of key importance. A BULKY, CUMBERSOME travel purse won’t work! Our travel wallet for women & travel wallet for men is BREATHABLE, LIGHTWEIGHT & SLIM and can be INVISIBLY TUCKED beneath your clothes. The ADJUSTABLE STRAPS come WITHOUT THE IRRITATING PLASTIC ADJUSTMENT for a more comfortable wear for you. Plus its MOISTURE-WICKING fabric keeps you & your valuables comfortable in any conditions.
    ★ A GOOD TRAVELER IS A PREPARED TRAVELER, THAT’S why we’ve partnered with Return.Me, the WORLD’S LEADING LOST & FOUND COMPANY, to include TWO GLOBAL RECOVERY STICKERS. Stick them to your valuables & their 24/7 call center will help you recover your lost items. With their over 80% SUCCESS RATE, YOU CAN breathe easy. AND OUR ZERO WASTE product packaging doubles as a TRAVEL DOCUMENT HOLDER to store printed reservations & documents for your trips.
    ★ AT VANTAMO, SAFETY IS OUR PASSION. We optimize it for safety to make travel effortless, SO YOU CAN FOCUS ON CREATING MOMENTS THAT WILL LAST A LIFETIME. Every detail was built upon our actual experience of customers. WE USE OUR OWN PRODUCTS on every trip we take, so our safety travel accessories for men & women have to be perfect, for you and for us. For you, our customers, WE GO FURTHER. If you don’t love your Neck Pouch, REACH OUT & WE’LL MAKE IT RIGHT.