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  • WUHBJJXY Multifuntional,Travel

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    Product Description

    Perfect Family passport holder for travel .


    Perfect Family passport holder for travel .

    Strong Waterproof Funtion

    Strong Storage capacity including Travel document &small first aidStrong Storage capacity including Travel document &small first aid

    SOLO RFID &Antiradiation funtion

    RFID& Antiradition FuntionRFID& Antiradition Funtion

    【Protective RFID and radiation resistant lining】2,Each male and female passport wallet has multiple RFID layers that can prevent illegal theft of credit cards, bank cards, passports, and any other personal information, while also shielding electronic products such as mobile phones, computers, printers, and other electronic products from radiation
    【More Benefits Protection-Support rugged adventure.】3.We only use high-quality wear-resistant nylon fabric and heavy YKK zipper to make our passport travel wallet more solid, more durable and more elastic. The back two spare small first-aid bags can hold 10 wound patches, 1 roll of tourniquet, 1 roll of bandage, 20 safety needles, masks, moisturizing facial mask, multi-purpose tools to deal with travel emergencies
    【A good gift choice 】4. This multi-functional passport holder has emergency storage function. Whether it’s for your family, friends, or business partners, it’s a caring gesture. Not only can it be convenient for travel, but it can also protect against accidents, providing extra security for your heart. As a small gift, it is very warm and thoughtful. Give it to family and friends. I believe it can increase our mutual affection, which is also the concept behind designing this bag
    【More storage, More security, 】5.This travel neck Pouch is a safe and durable product, suitable not only for individuals but also for families. Compared to other similar products, our product can store more travel documents, provide more travel support, and have more powerful functions. The key holder can hold the key, multi-purpose card tool, or security whistle, and the pen holder behind it is also unique. When traveling, travel safety comes first. Carrying more safety items does not take up more personal space. With more storage and protection, our products are a better choice for you