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  • POPIPEN Inflatable Lumbar Supp

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    inflatable pillow nflata lumbar supportinflatable pillow nflata lumbar support

    Inflatable Car Lumbar Support Pillow, Breathable Fabric Ergonomic Backrest,This Lumbar Cushion Can Be Pumped to provide thePerfect Thickness! Back Cushion Is the Perfect Solution to Stay Comfortable, Enhance Your Back Health and Prevent Lower Back Pain.

    A superior lumbar support

    Lumbar Support Pillow for Office Chair and Car Seat, with Adjustable Internal Air SystemLumbar Support Pillow for Office Chair and Car Seat, with Adjustable Internal Air System

    This lumbar support addresses the central problem with so many other lumbar supports ,you don’t slowly lose your desired level of firmness, It doesn’t change shape, or level of firmness; it holds it.If you have experienced the difference between this product and other lumbar supports; and, there’s a big difference.

    Lumbar Support Pillow for Office Chair and Car Seat, with Adjustable Internal Air System,Lumbar Support Pillow for Office Chair and Car Seat, with Adjustable Internal Air System,

    The attached hand pump lets you inflate, and deflate, to your liking, at will. If you want the lumbar support to be firmer and/or larger, you have simply to squeeze and release the hand pump bulb, until the desired firmness and size is obtained.If later, you want it less firm, and/or smaller in size , you have merely to hit the release valve button on the hand pump bulb. Air will escape, and the support will decrease in size and firmness,just a superior lumbar support.

    inflating to a comfortable form ,the inflatable lumbar support pillowinflating to a comfortable form ,the inflatable lumbar support pillow

    Attached straps and a snap buckle keep it anchored to your vehicle’s seat, it is easy to move around, very versatile.


    This pillow can be fixed on the back of the chair through straps, inflated to a suitable level, and can support the waist well. Its outer nylon pillowcase can be removed for cleaning by opening the zipper, which is convenient and hygienic. Because it is an inflatable pillow, the air can be discharged when not in use, and the entire inflatable pillow is folded into a small volume, which is very convenient to carry. It is not only used on a chair at home or in the office, you also use it on the driver’s seat in the car ,the effect is good either

    🌷{COMFORTABLE FABRIC}The back support is made of 3D polyester mesh fabric, which is breathable, cool and comfortable, and can keep cool even after sitting for a long time and driving a long distance.The inflatable has a nice mesh fabric outer and,is hollow so it feels cooler.
    🌷{DURABLE AIRBAG}The airbag is thickened and can carry about 380 lbs. It is inflated and deflated by the manual air pump to support your upper, middle and lower back, Inflating to a comfortable form, the inflatable lumbar support pillow is very supportive and helps you to maintain your driving position.
    🌷{PRODUCT SIZE}Adjustable shoulder straps, use the shoulder straps to fix the inflatable lumbar pillow at the height that suits you best, the shoulder straps can support a seat with a maximum width of 31.5 inch The size of the product is: length16.39-inch, width 10-inch, height adjustable.
    🌷{LIGHT WEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE}This inflatable lumbar pillow is lightweight and portable for travel or beach rest, and the pillowcase is removable and washable.
    🌷{HOW TO USE}Compared with the traditional memory foam lumbar cushion, this inflatable lumbar pillow is very light and small, and it is easy to inflate or deflate, but you need to press the air pump about 100 times for the first time, and then the work becomes easy, just a simple replenishment or deflating