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    10 Pack Vacuum Storage Bags,5

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    vacuum storage bagsvacuum storage bags

    Space saver bags expert

    The company has designed and produced vacuum storage bags for 4 years, focusing on product performance and quality.


    Yeahhome was established in October 2019.

    The brand focuses focuses on providing high-quality household products suitable for the people.

    Corporate vision:Make home more beautiful and make life warmer.

    vacuum storage bags

    vacuum storage bagvacuum storage bag

    Electric air pump+vacuum bags

    Our products are different from others’

    Ours(PA+PE): Strong toughness, sealing time up to 1 year, expensive.

    Others(PET+PE): brittle, sealing time of about 1 week, cheap.

    What are the advantages of our packaged products

    From a customer perspective, we hope to reduce your costs by combining various sizes, as well as giving away electric and manual pumps, to solve all storage issues in the home.

    How to use

    First, use an electric pump to pump to 95%, and then use a manual pump to pump to 100% to ensure a vacuum.

    【Electric pump, fast exhaust】 Our vacuum compression bags come with an electric pump, which is faster and easier to exhaust than a manual pump. No need to repeatedly pull with force, just plug in the power plug, put the pump on the valve, and turn it on. After waiting for a few seconds, the exhaust operation can be completed. Even without a vacuum cleaner, an electric pump is an ideal choice.
    【Upgraded with two compression methods】 This new 2-in-1 air valve can be used to exhaust with an electric or manual pump or compressed directly by hand without a pump. Just open the valve cover to the left before exhausting and close it to the right after the exhaust is completed.
    【No air leakage and airtight】Our vacuum sealed bags have a double zip seal and a super safe triple-seal turbo valve to ensure airtightness without leakage. It protects stored items from being damaged or even destroyed by preventing air from entering bags.
    【 Durable and reusable】Our 10 vacuum bags are made of high-quality mixed materials of PA and PE. Compared with other vacuum-sealed bags, this material is more durable, softer, and healthier. These transparent bags are good to the human body and can be used for a long time for storage, travel, or moving. In addition, one side of these bags is transparent, making it easy to identify and find stored items.