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  • Kimiandy Inflatable Travel Pil

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    Kimiandy Inflatable Travel Pillow

    inflatable travel pillowinflatable travel pillow

    Kimiandy Inflatable Travel Pillow

    Kimiandy Travel Pillow Is Committed To Providing a More Comfortable Resting Environment And Improving Comfort For High-Stress Groups.

    The Inflatable Design Makes It Easy To Carry.

    We Hope Everyone Can Get a Better Rest From a Trip Or An Office Nap, You Need a Travel Pillow That Will Help You Solve The Problem.

    Inflatable Travel Neck Pillows –

    The airplane neck pillow is designed with a Perfect 45°Angle For Cervical Spine Support To Help Alleviate Neck Pain & Headaches.

    With a habit that won’t go away, or for some of the benefits of stomach sleeping like maintaining warmth,

    you can sleep with a neck pillow or sleep on the edge of the pillow where the head can be at a 45 to 60 degree angle.

    This helps to minimize cervical spine strain.

    More Air Vent –

    The front of the travel neck pillow fits the contours of the face, to reduce the amount of face pressure, and sleeps more comfortably.

    Ventilation design at the bottom for smoother breathing.

    Get Rid Of Pain & Bad Posture : Bad Posture can Cause Cervical Damage and Damage the Sciatic Nerve and the Coccyx. We Define Neck Pillows As Those not Just Wrapping Around Your Neck, But Those the Maintain the Proper Relationship Between the Head, Neck and Shoulders When Sleeping, Based On Sound Ergonomic Principles. This Inflatable Travel Neck Pillows can Help You To Stay Away from the Damage and Insomnia.
    HOT PRESSING SEAMLESS SEALING TECHNOLOGY: Firm And Airtight, And Will Not Scratch The Body, To Keep You Comfortable Throughout The Journey
    PERFECT ANGLE DESIGN – 60°:The Airplane Neck Pillow Is Designed With a Perfect 60°Angle, Allowing Your Head And Neck To Naturally Lean Forward, This Sleeping Pillow Decrease The Pressure Of Your Cervical Vertebra. The Perfect 60°Angle Of Inflatable Travel Pillow Can Offer You Better Comfort Of Rest, Make You Easier To Fall Asleep And Sleep Longer On The Road.
    CARE YOUR SKIN:Soft PVC Flocking Is Skin-Friendly, You Will Love The Velvety Touch.No Irritation Will Occur Even Though You Use The Travel Pillow Throughout Your Journey.