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  • Travelers Club Odyssey Luggage

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    Introducing the Travelers Club Odyssey 2PC or 20″ Luggage Set, a must-have for any traveler seeking versatility, durability, and style. This exceptional luggage set offers two options: a 2 piece set featuring a 26″ suitcase and a 20″ carry-on, or a standalone 20″ carry-on. Crafted with meticulous attention to design and functionality, each piece boasts an X-tra wide telescopic handle for easy maneuverability and increased capacity for longer trips. The rubberized top and side carry handles provide a comfortable grip and added durability, while the fully-lined interior compression system keeps your belongings organized. With its durable 8-wheel 360-degree effortless motion and four side studs for secure upright positioning, this luggage set ensures smooth and stable travel experiences. Its hardshell construction offers superior protection, keeping your valuables safe throughout your journeys. Choose the Travelers Club Navigate 2PC or 20″ Luggage Set for a reliable and stylish travel companion.
    Enhanced functionality: The X-tra wide telescopic handle on each luggage ensures easy maneuverability and adds to the overall convenience. The wider handle design allows for more items to fit inside, making it ideal for longer trips
    Durability and convenience: The rubberized top and side carry handles provide a comfortable grip and additional durability. The fully-lined interior compression system helps to keep your items organized during travel. The durable 8-wheel 360-degree effortless motion ensures smooth and easy navigation
    Secure positioning: The luggage set is equipped with four side studs, allowing for upright sideways positioning. This feature ensures stability and prevents the bags from toppling over
    Robust construction: Made with a hardshell exterior, this luggage set offers superior protection for your belongings. It is designed to withstand the rigors of travel and provide long-lasting durability, ensuring your items stay safe during transit