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  • Pono Neck Cradle Travel Pillow

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    The Neck Cradle by Pono


    The name “Pono” is derived from the Hawaiian language, signifying a state of harmony and balance. This is precisely the experience we intend for owners of the Pono Neck Cradle to enjoy. Our neck pillow’s first-class comfort ensures you attain that state of harmony and balance.


    Gina, Founder & Inventor

    Relax while gamingRelax while gaming

    Not just for travel

    We found plenty of other uses after designing and testing the neck cradle. It can help maintain posture and comfort while gaming.

    What makes our products unique?

    We understand that people come in various shapes and sizes, and a one-size-fits-all approach may not provide optimal comfort for everyone. Our adjustable neck pillow can accommodate individual preferences and ensure a personalized fit.

    What problem are we solving?

    The main problem our pillow solves is providing adequate neck support while sitting for extended periods. Our adjustable neck pillow can help maintain a comfortable and ergonomic position, reducing strain on the neck muscles.

    How did we get our start?

    We fly coach too and saw a problem that needed fixing.

    ULTIMATE NECK SUPPORT: First-class comfort that prevents your head from falling forward and won’t flatten or let you down. Our patent-pending pillow is ergonomically designed to reduce neck strain and muscle fatigue you usually experience from sitting for hours on a plane, in a car, on a train, playing video games, or resting at home. The Pono Neck Cradle has a built-in string that easily attaches to your headrest, giving you the support you need while you rest.
    EASY TO CARRY & CLEAN: The Pono Neck Cradle has a compact fold and go design so it can be stored in your carryon, backpack, or adjusted to rest on your shoulders. When in a rush to deplane, just uncinch the string, fold, hang it on your shoulder, and go. Keep it clean with a machine washable cover. Simply unzip, wash with like colors, and hang dry or in a dryer.
    COMFORT & FIT FOR ALL ADULTS: Our neck cradle travel pillow gives you the perfect combination of support and comfort in any sleeping position. The jersey knit cover is soft and gentle on your skin while the cooling memory foam keeps you from getting hot while you sleep. No sizes to worry about, one size fits all adults!
    PERFECT GIFT: The Pono neck cradle travel pillow is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to travel and values comfort and support to sleep well on airplanes, cars, and trains to arrive refreshed at their destination. The patent pending materials, adjustable inner rod, and headrest string all work together to provide the first class comfort and rest you need for blissful travel.