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    Bufims Small Pillow 11″X

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    Product Description


    nap timenap time

    behind lower backbehind lower back Support Lower Back

    Provide a small amount of support to the lower back to alleviate daily office fatigue

    neckneck Support the Neck

    Provide support for your neck while watching TV or taking a nap for a more comfortable feeling

    between kneebetween knee Between Knee

    This small pillow is a blessing for side sleepers, and when you lie on your side, it is placed between your knees to provide effective support

    dog pillowdog pillow Dog Pillow

    This small pillow can be used while dogs are sleeping, providing them with more comfortable sleep

    traveltravel Used during travel

    Our pillows are small enough to fit into the bag very conveniently. You can lean on it to sleep when you are in a car or an airplane, so as to relieve your fatigue on the journey.

    drivingdriving Protecting the injured area

    The little pillow is the perfect size to use between seat belt and chest. It could protect your chest from rubbing be the seat belt. In addition, it could relief the pain for people who went through chest surgery

    Is the size of the pillow real ?

    Yes,the size of the pillow is 11″x7″x2.5″

    Can this be used for dogs

    Yes, the pillow size is very suitable for a puppy’s head

    【Great for Nap Time】The pillow is so small that it fits easily in a child’s backpack, making it ideal for daycare and preschool naps
    【Provides Body Support and Pain Relief for Adults】Provides support for the lower back, neck, and head of adults, and is a must-have for leisurely watching TV.It can be placed between the knees when sleeping or on the chest while driving, which is a good helper for pain relief
    【Travel Essentials】The small size allows it to fit easily into a purse or backpack and can be taken with you for sleep support during plane travel and car travel
    【Good Dog Pillow】The mini size of this small pillow is just right for the puppy’s head, it can be used as a sleeping pillow for puppies, placed in the kennel, and it does not take up a lot of volume in the pet bed

  • Shieraily 2 Pack (Grey/Jewel-B

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    Product Description

    Pillows InflatablePillows Inflatable

    User-friendly Design

    The ergonomic design of the neck pillow supports your neck and ensures a comfortable and deeper sleep during a trip.

    The neck pillow has a cover that is made of a special material. This fabric is so soft and cool that you will definitely feel comfortable with it even on hot summer days.

    It’s easy to inflate the neck pillow.

    camping pillowscamping pillows

    camping pillowscamping pillows

    camping pillowscamping pillows

    Easy to Inflate and Deflate:

    The camping pillows inflate easily simply by blowing air directly inside (Please press the air outlet by your fingers first).

    And it will deflate in seconds when you do not need it anymore.

    The travel pillow is ideal for your home or office rest, hiking, camping, picnic, backpacking.

    And traveling on a train airplane or car breaks and any other time you want to sleeping in comfort.

    Take A Rest

    When you’re in the office or out for a short break, travel pillow can provide a comfortable support.

    Inflatable PillowInflatable Pillow

    Ultralight Inflatable Camping Pillow

    Inflatable Pillow for Traveling, Camping, Hiking, Home and Office Sleeping

    Head Neck Lumbar Support

    Ultralight Portable Compact and Soft

    Airplane Backpacking Trip Pillow

    Inflatable PillowPillows InflatableInflatable PillowPillows Inflatable

    Pillows InflatablePillows Inflatable

    Pillows InflatablePillows Inflatable

    This inflatable travel pillow is made with high quality waterproof flocked fabric.

    It is soft and comfortable.

    You can use the inflatable pillow as a lumbar, neck or head support for your office chair or rest.

    It is also helpful to ease lower back and lumbar pain.

    Very small and lightweight after deflated.

    Easy to storage and carry, no burden for your travel.


    Jewel-Blue Navy-Blue Navy-Blue/Grey Grey Grey Dark-Blue Grey Light-Blue

    Recommended for
    Outdoor Sport, Hiking, Backpacking Night Sleep and Car Airplane Lumbar Support Outdoor Sport, Hiking, Backpacking Night Sleep and Car Airplane Lumbar Support Outdoor Sport, Hiking, Backpacking Night Sleep and Car Airplane Lumbar Support Outdoor Sport, Hiking, Backpacking Night Sleep and Car Airplane Lumbar Support Outdoor Sport, Hiking, Backpacking Night Sleep and Car Airplane Lumbar Support Outdoor Sport, Hiking, Backpacking Night Sleep and Car Airplane Lumbar Support

    When you feel tired, you can take out the inflatable pillow, to help you fall asleep as comfortably and quickly as possible.
    The u-shaped pillow is ergonomically designed to gently wrap around the neck, reducing the weight and burden on the head and neck.
    When you rest your head on this inflatable pillow, you get the comfort of PVC flocking, making it soft and light and reducing skin irritation.
    Fit airplane car train bus camping home office sleeping, ultralight portable compact soft, trip pillow.