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  • Crisonky Travel Pillow, Neck P

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    Crisonky's storyCrisonky's story

    Crisonky's storyCrisonky's story

    In 2021, Crisonky was founded as an innovative online services team committed to the development of top-tier products aimed at enhancing our daily lives. Our primary emphasis is on elevating the customer purchasing journey, and we exert our utmost efforts to ensure the complete satisfaction of every individual we serve.

    What makes our products unique?

    1. User Experience: Providing an exceptional user experience, from ease of use to customer support, can make a product stand out and create a unique value proposition.

    2. Quality: Superior build quality and materials can make a product unique.

    If you have any questions that require answers

    please don’t hesitate to reach out via email. We are committed to responding to every email within 24 hours and making every effort to address your inquiries. Ensuring a five-star purchasing experience is our foremost priority.

    Complementary design – the rubbery pump can be not only used to inflate the pillow but also a storage pocket, which makes it convenient to carry.
    Multi-function air valve – you can either inflate the neck pillow using the pump by only a couple of presses, or blow it up by mouth; Deflating it by clicking the red button in the air valve.
    Safety protection – the pump-case design allows you to inflate the travel pillow without removing your masks in public during the special period of time.
    Skin friendly – produced from elastic TPU fabric material, its composite edge sealing and water-resistant material makes cleaning as easy as wiping with a damp cloth, also the neck pillow uses the newest design, with extra air bags to support the neck. The design also allows the neck pillow to be wear with either side up.
    Gift option – a perfect gift for yourself, your friends and families