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  • Apelila 4 Piece Hardshell Lugg

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    Apelila’s vision is to accompany you on every journey and give you peace of mind. Overstep the process, Larger capacity, More elegant.


    We firmly believe that product quality is the foundation of a century-old brand. But “what kind of luggage product is better?” We have been constantly exploring.

    Apelila has served millions of users in five years. We are constantly improving our quality and craftsmanship. We stand by our philosophy: same size, our products just fit better. So can be loaded, heavy-duty good pull is the core competitiveness of our products.

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    APELILA Luggage Set

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    APELILA Suitcase

    Accompany you on every journey

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    APELILA Manicure Table

    ALL YOUR LUGGAGE NEEDS IN ONE SET: The perfect luggage solution for individuals, groups and families – with a total of over 225 litres of storage space – plus the cases fit inside each-other for super-easy storage. 18’’: 12.99’’(L) x 7.68’’(W) x 20.07’’(H) approx , Capacity: 28L. 20’’: 14.37’(L) x 8.86’’(W) x 22.24’’(H) approx, Capacity: 38L. 24’’: 17.91’’(L) x 10.24’’(W) x 26.18’’(H) approx, Capacity: 65L. 28’’: 20.87’’(L) x 12.20’’(W) x 30.12’’(H) approx, Capacity:94L.
    BECAUSE YOUR LUGGAGE IS WORTH PROTECTING: Whether you’re a on a business trip or going away on holiday, we know your luggage is precious to you. The shell of this suitcase is made from strong and durable ABS plastic to withstand the rigours of modern transport.The 3-digit combination lock keep your valuables secure, and convenient to pass security check.
    TAKE THE STRAIN OUT OF TRAVEL: Just getting to and from your final destination can be frustrating enough – your luggage shouldn’t add to that stress. These stylish cases feature 4 spinner wheels, providing a full 360 degrees of manoeuvrability and allowing the suitcase to roll along comfortably alongside you, eliminating the strain of pushing or towing. With a push-button retractable handle there’s no need to strain your back; and you can even place small bags and essentials on top.
    SECURE HOOK & LOOP CLOSURE: Hook & Loop Closure on the button, easy to install and remove;if you receive the defective or has ordered wrong size suitcase protector,please CONTTACT US for replacement or refund.