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  • ONLI TRAVEL Revolution All-In-

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    Never Check a Bag Again!

    The Future of Travel is Modular.


    Our Vision is Simple: we want customers to travel better. With greater ease, more freedom and flexibility, and less stress. We handle the challenges travel throws at you.

    Our patented modular luggage enables one bag to anticipate and meet your needs, whether commuting to work, exploring a new city, hopping on a plane for a four-day business trip… or for three weeks trekking half-way around the world.


    MORE FREEDOM. More Flexibility

    The Onli Travel bag adapts to your journey – from urban commuter to world traveller.

    Carry or Roll - As You WIsh!Carry or Roll - As You WIsh!

    World’s First Modular Luggage

    Onli Travel’s patented “three-bags-in-one” system zips together so you can travel with only one bag. It zips apart at your destination.

    Never Check a Bag Again!

    Zip apart to fit in tight airplane spaces – never check a bag!
    Converts to rolling bag, travel pack, or 3 separate bags
    Patented 3-bags-in-1 design; expandable
    Packing cubes fit perfectly, reducing packing stress