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  • Commollis 4-in-1 Airplane Esse

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    Travel Blanket and PillowTravel Blanket and Pillow

    Travel SetTravel Set

    The Commollis Value Travel Blanket Pillow Set is for you!

    Perfect for any occasion, this travel set is the perfect choice for long trips. You’ll be amazed at the versatility of this set, you can take it camping, on a road trip, on a plane, on a train, or anywhere.

    Three colors for your choice!

    4-in-1 Luxury Travel Set

    Travel blanketTravel blanket

     Travel Set Travel Set

     Travel Set Travel Set

    Travel SetTravel Set

    Why did we start the 4-in-1 Travel Set?

    Enjoying a high-quality sleep mode during the journey is a comfortable way to relieve fatigue during the journey. Our founders continue to improve comfort on the road in safe and effective ways to improve the quality of short-term sleep.

    What sets our products apart?

    After a lot of data research and testing, we adopt valuable suggestions from customers for improvement. We’ve solved a lot of problems. The goal is a suit that fits all travelers.

    What is our mission?

    We’re excited that we can continue to solve the travel sleep problem of millions of customers.

    Dual-Sided Comfort: Our super soft and lightweight blanket is made with two high-quality materials that are breathable and suitable for all seasons. It can also be used as an AC blanket, bed sheet, or nap blanket during car trips.
    Triple Protection Design: Our blanket is waterproof, oil-proof, and stain-proof, ensuring that it stays clean and tidy throughout your journey, no matter how dirty the surroundings are.
    Convenient and Compact: Our travel set comes with a portable, packable storage bag that saves space and is easy to store and carry. The inflatable pillow provides full support for your head and neck without causing discomfort during your trip.
    Perfect for Any Traveler: Commollis 4-in-1 Travel Set is a must-have for anyone who loves to travel. It’s perfect for airplanes, trains, camping, road trips, or anywhere else you need to relax and sleep comfortably.