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    4 Sets Reusable Utensils Set w

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    turavel utensils with caseturavel utensils with case

    Reusable Wheat Straw Utensils Set with Case

    High quality travel utensils with case is home essentials.

    Let me tell you why you must choose our travel utensil set with case:

    Reusable utensils are made of natural wheat straw material.They are healthy and harmless.Travel utensils have excellent size and are lightweight. So they are easy to carry.Reusable utensils for lunch box can be widely used, such as home, office, travel and so on.Four bright colors of lunch box utensils set brings you a good mood everyday.Portable multicolor utensils are easy to identify their own tableware. That is safe and sanitary.Lunch box utensils set adult is easy to clean and dishwasher safety. Please scrub with a soft cloth to prevent cheap utensils.

    turavel utensils with caseturavel utensils with case

    Portable utensils set with case has reasonable design and makes you more comfortable to use

    Our knife fork spoon sets have smooth lines and burr free handles. The serration of the knife is sharp and can be used to cut meat. The head of the chopsticks is made of non-slip design for easy use. Deepening and widening spoon is more suitable for drink soup. The sturdy fork makes it easy to get at food. Travel utensils with case is easy to store and avoid losing.

    Four different colors of reusable cutlery set can be chosen according to your mood. Different colors will let you find more joy.Colorful utensil set can also help us use our own travel utensils to eat. It’s safe and hygienic.

    If you are thinking whether to buy gold utensils set, plastic cutlery set or disposable utensils, we suggest you can try our reusable wheat straw utensils with case. Our travel utensils with case must a perfect substitute for them. You must be love these portable utensils. Our utensil sets for lunch box is also a great gift choice.

    【Wheat straw materials and portability】Lunch utensils set for work are made of high quality food grade wheat straw. The travel utensils are tasteless and harmless, you can rest assured to use them. Wheat straw travel cutlery set with case is very lightweight and excellent size.So reusable utensils for lunch box meet you freely carry out. Compared with gold plastic disposable silverware and stainless steel flatware, Portable wheat straw utensils are also a great option for you.
    【Widely used and easy to clean】 Travel utensils set with case can satisfy your daily use. Portable utensils set with case can also be used for lunch boxes, camping, picnics, offices, parties, etc. If you are a travel enthusiast, you must love this travel spoon and fork set with case. Portable lunch box utensils set can not only be washed by hand but also support the dishwasher. That is convenient for your life.Please take these multicolor utensil sets for lunch box home.
    【Multicolor flatware sets easy to distinguish 】Four colors travel utensils sets are very easy to identify their own utensil case. That is very hygienic especially in the many peoples dinner. If you have many people in your family, multicolor reusable utensils are home essentials. Because Four colors reusable cutlery set can not only reduce the constant loss of cutlery and develop a good habit of organizing.
    【Value Pack】 You will get 4 different colored reusable utensils set. Each lunch utensil set for work contains a knive, fork and spoon.High quality wheat straw lunchbox utensil set is the perfect alternative to black silverware, travel silverware, plastic cutlery and disposable cutlery.After receiving portable cutlery set, please clean it before use. Please keep travel utensils with case away from fire.
    【Best Gifts】Stylish, lightweight, sturdy, dishwasher safety and reusable travel utensils set are perfect for gifts to your loved ones and those who love you. They will love these high quality practical travel utensils.
    【100% Satisfied】These reusable utensils set more environmentally friendly than disposable cutlery and reusable plastic utensils.If you have any questions about our travel utensils for lunch box, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We’re sure you’ll be satisfied.

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    Reusable Travel Utensils with

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    Product Description

    Wheat straw knife fork spoon chopsticks setWheat straw knife fork spoon chopsticks set

    Wheat Straw Portable Chopsticks Fork Knife Spoon Set with Case

    Are you still distressed by the silent disappearance of forks and spoons silverware?

    Are you still worried about always forgetting to bring silverware sets to the office?

    Are you still worried about the harm to the earth caused by overuse of gold plastic silverware?

    Are you still suffering from silverware allergy and can’t find suitable cutlery?

    Are you still angry because the bear always leaves dirty tableware in the lunch bag, which is not easy to clean?

    This wheat straw reusable utensils set with case can well meet your needs.

    1. It is made of natural wheat straw PP, healthy, non-toxic, reusable.

    2. Light and solid utensils set includes knife, fork and spoon, which can meet the needs of all your daily life.

    3. Each set is equipped with a case. Therefore, your cutlery is easy to clean and will not be easily lost.

    4. The utensil set for lunch box made of high-quality wheat straw PP, is light, durable and easy to carry.

    5. These flatware sets are ideal for work, travel, camping and gifts.

    Travel chopsticks fork spoon knife set is beautiful and practical. Don’t hesitate, you will love them.

    Reusable cutlery set Reusable cutlery set

    Healthy Life Starts with Healthy Tableware Set

    The tableware is made of natural wheat PP powder, non-toxic and healthy, with smooth edges, no rough spots, moderate weight, comfortable to hold, and portable.

    Lightweight and portable, the perfect size is easy to use for pockets, toolboxes, suitcases, and take away at any time

    Traditional stainless steel tableware is too heavy to carry. Single color can not bring fun to life. No box, easy to lose. The tableware is made of natural wheat PP powder, non-toxic and healthy, with smooth edges, no rough spots, moderate weight, comfortable to hold, and portable.

    Reusable cutlery set Reusable cutlery set

    Colorful Travel Utensils with Case

    Yellow is visually pleasing, and different colors can also be used to distinguish who is using it.

    Orange is a lovely and lively color, which many women like. It is durable, not easy to break, and never fades.

    Green. When people see green, they will think of health at first sight. Our tableware set is made of natural wheat straw starch pp, which is food safe.

    Blue meets the aesthetic standards of most people. Our tableware is colorful to meet the needs of different people. A healthy life starts with healthy tableware.

    Best Gifts–Reusable and Protable Lunch Box Accessories

    Four sets of knives forks spoons chopsticks are small and exquisite. The beautiful appearance is loved by young people and can be used as a gift for friends.

    4 Sets 8×2 Inch 4 Sets 8×2 Inch 200PCS 9×13 Inch 200PCS 8 Inch

    Wheat Straw Wheat Straw Wood Pulp Wood Pulp

    【Made of healthy wheat straw】Travel utensils with case are made of natural wheat straw,lightweight but durable,non-toxic and safe. If you are allergic to travel silverware set with case, wheat straw lunch utensil set will be your best choice. You no longer have to worry plastic dinnerware set is harmful to health and using disposable silverware is bad for environment. If you like pots and pans set and kitchen utensils set,you must like the Wheat straw cutlery set for 4.
    【Portable and Fashion】Light weight, smooth texture, soft color make travel cutlery set with case meets the needs of happy life. A beautifully designed and fashionable reusable chopsticks fork spoon knife set are college lunch box utensils set for dorm room essentials for college students girls. Portable cutlery set can is camping gear must haves. Utensils for lunch box are aslo peferct home essentials, kitchen utensils and kitchen essentials.
    【Widely used】Fork and spoon set for lunch box can meet daily use. To go utensils set can be put in your lunch bags, backpacks, toiletry bags, car and places where you often use. The 8*2inch camping spoon fork knife combo is very light and is an important part of the camp kitchen utensil set. If you like hiking and traveling, you’ll definitely need this travel spoon and fork set with case. Reusable utensil set is also ideal for parties, offices, and other outdoor indoor activities.
    【Best gift】Each cubiertos para lonchera comes with a box. The card buckle design help you easily open.Reusable utensils for lunch box can be put in bento lunch box bag.If you are tired of cleaning dirty spoons and lunch bags every day. And don’t like forks and spoons plastic disposable. Wheat straw utensils with case is a good solution.The Travel utensils with case for lunch box are best gifts for women and men.
    【One cutlery set per working day】 If you need to bring lunch and flatware sets workday, but always forget or lose beautiful stainless steel flatware or plastic silverware. And you don’t want to bring heavy forks and spoons silverware set to work every day. 4 sets portable wheat straw lunch utensils set for work will help you solve this problem perfectly. You can use one color eco friendly utensils a day. These cutlery set disposable are also very suitable for gifts as lunch box accessories.
    【Easy to clean】Portable utensils are easy to clean and tasteless. Please wash reusable forks and spoons set before use. 1.please do not soak for a long time. 2.After cleaning and drying utensil case for lunch bag, you can store them in cases. Tips: 1.Please keep the lunch utensil set away from the fire. 2.The black spots on the travel utensils are wheat PP powder, please rest assured to use. 3. Do not bend wheat straw flatware with force.